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About AIC - CCRI - CED


Atal Incubation Centre (AIC) established at the Coffee Board head office Bengaluru in Collaboration with Central Coffee Research Institute (CCRI) and Atal Innovation Mission is a Technology Business Incubator that aims to nurture innovative startups in the areas of Coffee, Spices and Agritech. The incubation centre is called the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development.

The Coffee Board of India wishes to not only create opportunities for entrepreneurs and employment opportunities but also provide a platform to address the critical challenges faced by the Coffee Sector through this Centre.


The Centre has been envisioned to house and incubate entrepreneurs from all aspects of Coffee Value chain and also from the coffee ecosystem. There is a systemic need to address the challenges of the Coffee Sector such as Climate Change, increasing cost of production, slow pace of mechanization, pest & disease infestations (especially in Arabica), lack of domestic market development, slow pace in value addition of coffee, etc.


The coffee grower will remain central to the entrepreneurial development by AIC – CCRI – CED. The innovations and entrepreneurial ventures that will be supported by AIC CCRI CED will focus on the challenges faced by different stakeholders in the value chain.