Varttarambha is an Online Pre-Incubation Program that offers a comprehensive platform for aspiring coffee entrepreneurs to dive deep into the industry, refine their skills, and transform their ideas into successful ventures.

For more details, click the button below to download the brochure from the previous batch.

Program Highlights

  • Specialized sessions by industry experts that helps to gain in-depth insights into coffee cultivation, processing, and market trends
  • Program covers topics on Business planning, financial management, and legal guidance tailored for coffee startups
  • Technology integration and innovative strategies for coffee businesses
  • Networking opportunities within the coffee industry

Key Modules of the Programme

  1. Introduction to Coffee Sector 
  2. Marketing & Market Assessment 
  3. Financial Management 
  4. Technology in Coffee 
  5. Legal & related aspects 
  6. Business Plan presentation

Program Duration

The training will be for 30 hours, with an additional 10 hours allocated for follow-up sessions. The program will end with the Business Plan submission by the participating candidates.

Who Can Attend?

  • Aspiring coffee entrepreneurs
  • Coffee enthusiasts seeking to venture into the industry
  • Existing coffee startups looking to expand and innovate


The next batch shall commence in the month of Aug 2024.