Incubatees who are selected for the incubation program by the Screening and Selection Committee are expected to do the following


  1. Plan their milestones to move from ideation stage to prototype stage and towards commercialization stage.
  2. The progress of the incubatees will be reviewed periodically.
  3. The incubatees are expected to Presentation of Proof of Concept and test marketing.
  4. The eligible incubatees are encouraged to participate in the investors’ meet which may be arranged by AIC CCCRI CED
  5. If the seed fund is made available to AIC CCRI CED, the eligible incubatee will be allowed to apply for the seed fund in front of the Seed Support Investment Committee
  6. The decision of the Seed Support Investment Committee will be final and the committee can recommend for Investment or recommend for improvements.
  7. The incubatee is declared graduated if they are able to reach the commercialization stage and are able to avail the resources for commercialization of their business idea.
  8. The period of incubation is extended for a maximum period of 18 months and the incubatees are encouraged to seek commercialization as soon as possible.

Investor's Meet

AIC CCRI CED wishes to create a platform where its incubatees not restricted in their development due to the lack of financial resources and network to commercialize their product. Thus, it plans to conduct as many interactions as possible with the investor community and the incubatees.

 AIC CCRI CED conducted an Online Investors’ Meet in collaboration with 4 other AICs.

The online investors’ meet was conducted on 1st, 2nd and 3rd March 2021 and incubatee profiles (who are having unique ideas, proof of concept and MVP stage) were shared with the Investors’ and based on their assessment an online individualized online meeting rooms have been arranged.

There were nearly 45 investors (VCs, Angel Investors & High Net worth individuals) who participated in the event.